Wear that jacket to exude authority

Just came across this interesting article suited women convey power and I think it’s something every working woman needs to read, especially if your job is one that requires you to exude enough authority.

The article quoted retail consultant Susan Rolontz of the Tobe Report who said that a woman needs a sharp jacket and a good handbag to look professional and be taken seriously.

Her observations may sound dated since the nature of women’s relationships in the workplace has improved considerably and women’s business attire has changed significantly to become more feminine in the past three decades.

Moreover, the fashion industry has been busy promoting the notion of a day dress as something to be worn to the office because it can be feminine, polished and easy.

Well, a dress can exude confidence but fundamentally, it’s an expression of femininity and doesn’t exude enough authority.  There are some offices in which only a suit will do.

In fact, the article mentioned that it is difficult to recall an instance when one of the women of Capitol Hill appeared in public during the day wearing a dress – or without a blazer. Members of the House of Representatives do not wear dresses. They wear suits. So do senators, lawyers and the secretary of state.

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